Intended for under staffed small to medium size institutions looking for premium support. Let us perform all the core functions required to keep your institution going

  • Tech Support for students
  • Create new programs
  • Edit your programs
  • Create new semesters
  • Publish your subjects
  • Create  online surveys
  • Implement new modules
  • Manage access rights


Intended for under staffed small to medium size institutions. Let us manage the rest of your infrastructure

  • Create or improve your website
  • Host and backup your website
  • Host and manage your email
  • Recommend network solutions
  • Recommend security solutions
  • Recommend Telecom solutions
  • Recommend service providers
  • Manage you upgrade projects
  • Manage your IT Contracts
  • Offer bilingual services


Available to all customers (staff only) via our online ticketing system. All functionality related issues will be resolved within 48 hours Monday through Friday

  • Ask questions
  • Address functionality errors
  • Request bug fixes
  • Request feature updates
  • Assign Tasks to FacultyAdmin
  • Assign Tasks to vITmanager
  • Check your request’s status

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